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Potato Chips

Spicy? Savory? Flavors from the African continent? Certainly!

Take you taste buds on an adventure through the African continent.

Explore the countries of north Africa through our Sahara potato chips which are seasoned with the prized variety of spices coveted in that region, giving it a rich and bold flavor.

Graze on the sweet and savory peanutty flavor of our Savanna potato chips, for your taste journey through west Africa.

Dive into our Victoria potato chips, named for that great lake in east Africa. It is seasoned with our award-winning Victoria spice blend which is inspired by spices from that region and which gives it an amazing barbecue cayenne crunch.

Whether you and your fellow snack and adventure enthusiasts are looking for spicy or savory, we are certain that a bag of our chips will deliver great flavor, crunch, and new experiences.

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Spice Blends

What do our spice blends not go well with? Nothing.

That’s right. We make quite the bold claim: there is not a single food on planet Earth that cannot be improved by adding a pinch or two of our amazing Green Sahara spice blends. Inspired by the exotic flavors of cuisines from the African continent, we have created a family of spice blends that makes every meal better.

Beef? Our Victoria spice blend adds a kick of heat to any meat.

Chicken? Make that bird go bold with our Savanna spice blend.

Veggies? Just give them a sprinkle of our Sahara spice blend and wait for everyone to ask for seconds.

That morning cup of coffee? Yup. We’ve got that covered, too. Just add a scoop of our Sweet spice blend to jazz up your java.

If you are looking for a way to take your everyday dishes from dull to delectable, our spice blends are here to do the heavy lifting. Join the taste adventure!

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